A Message from Kyle:

Years ago I read a wonderful book that, like so many others, completely changed my life.  I knew that I wanted more than just clocking in and receiving a paycheck.  I was restless and hungry.  I needed a new vehicle to create wealth and reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki lit that passion inside of me and opened my eyes to a new perspective on income and money.  If you haven’t read that one yet – I highly recommend it.

So shortly after 2002 I began my real estate investing career.  But back then I didn’t have any idea what it could become.  I was a high school teacher and coach, and I only knew that I wanted more.  Fortunately, I picked the right income vehicle.  Real estate is packed with a tremendous upside and creates more millionaires than anything else.

From 2002-2006 I very slowly grew a portfolio of single family rentals, occasionally wholesaling or flipping a deal.  But I was using traditional money and things were hard and slow.  In 2006 I found my first investor and the game changed.  I was able to use private money for the first time!

Private money unlocks real estate success!

No more pleading, begging, and long waits of bank red tape.  Just very simple real estate.  1. Find the Deal.  2. Buy the deal.  3. And either Rent or Sell.

Private money backed by the real estate made all the difference!!!

So fast forward to now.  We are excited to open those same doors to you.  We have opened Flip House Funding Texas to provide that same wonderful opportunity to secure financing for your deals.  We are investors also and know how it works.  We know how valuable fast, easy money is and what it means.  We know that real estate has a lot of moving parts that can sometime become difficult, and that access to money doesn’t need to be.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine just the other day.  This is after over 10 years of doing real estate.  After discussing getting into lending his comment was this, “If I had only known that’s how you do it, I would have done some deals myself.  I asked the bank and they said NO.  I had no idea…”

We are very excited to help you begin (or keep going) your real estate adventure.  All you’ve gotta do to get started is find that deal and hit “Apply Now!”

Above: Kyle and crew

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