Refer / Broker a Funding Deal with Us

Whether you’re a Real Estate Agent, money Broker, wholesaler, or just friend of a friend – we can work with you to set up a win – win partnership to get all your deals funded.

At banks, money is tight and takes a long time.  With us, it’s fast and easy.  Don’t qualify at a bank.  No problem.  We are happy to work with you and your clients to get the deal funded!

We believe the best way to do business is person to person.  You will not be stuck in a committee for “review” with us.

So to get started – simply fill out the form below and we will contact you to find out how we can successfully work together.

Years ago an angel investor changed my life. Sometimes we need a jumpstart to get going. It's like priming the pump - and giving hope! We can thrive where there is hope!


Family time is precious. Real Estate has allowed us to spend more time together and experience things that I never imagined. And it all started with that first deal


Big Dreams

Whether it is a fix-and-flip for quick profit, a rental (brrr strategy) for long term wealth, or a simple construction bridge loan so they can build – big dreams all start somewhere.

Helping Hand

Calling all real estate agents, money brokers, friends, and more – you can keep the dream alive!  Join us to find a solution to tough to fund deals.

Getting Funded

This is where we all shine!  We work together and get the deals funded.  It is a true win-win.