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We are Real Estate Investors!  And we take our investing very seriously.  We believe that the hard physical asset of real estate is one of the best vehicles to create wealth.  More millionaires are made with real estate than any other investment vehicle.

We are focused on finding great partners and building a long term winning relationship.  Because as great as the real estate may be, we know that in the end – it’s the people that make the difference.

Personal Service

Work directly with our leadership for the most personalized service.

Priority Guarantee Program

Qualify for a priority loan placement to get your money out and earning on our very best deals.

Strong and Consistent Returns

Deployed funds will begin earning immediately and earn interest only returns until fully earned.

Easy Starting Pledge

Get started with a set escrow entry, guaranteeing your desired pledge amount.  You hold your pledged funds until deployed.

Low Risk Exposure

All loans are real estate backed with collateral assignments with minimum equity basis guarantees.

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